After exchanging racist texts, Malky Mackay, Cardiff City Manager, apologized for his behavior which failed and gave rise to an outburst of criticisms.

Malky Mackay’s attempt to salvage his job stirs campaigners

Malky Mackay’s attempt to salvage his job stirs campaigners

To salvage his job as manager, he admitted having exchanged such texts with Iain Moody, his former colleague, representing Cardiff Club owner and that it was only a friendly banter when he wanted to let off some steam. Upon discovery, the LMA said that it is wrong of him to have said those but it was because he was working under severe stress in an attempt to protect him.

Moody resigned his job following the issue and Mackay’s career is at stake now as a result of the issue. The Football Association has confirmed that it is inquiring into the issue and is also considering other material related to the transfer deal.

“The LMA does not condone in any way any potential breach of equal-opportunities laws but would also point out that out of over 10,000 text messages and 70,000 documents produced over a long period of time it may not be a complete surprise that some inappropriate comments can sometimes be made by employees, like Malky, working under great pressure in highly charged situations”, read LMA’s statement.

It also added that if his texts caused offense, he would apologize but denied to admit that he is responsible for the texts. The report also said that Malky finds it strange as these issues were raised just after his time with the previous club ended after eight months and the day before his quitting from the club, he was offered the opportunity to become the manager of Crystal Palace FC.

An assessment of the communication between them has brought up a lot of occasions in which they used offensive terms that could end their careers in Football under the FA’s anti-discrimination rules.