While teams are under pressure to perform exceptionally against their rivals, they shuffle team members by paying a heavy price from time to time to gain more talent for their team. In a recent estimation by Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo cost at least £140m to get back to the team.

Manchester United estimated a cost of £140m to bring Cristiano Ronaldo back

Manchester United estimated a cost of £140m to bring Cristiano Ronaldo back

If they gain back Ronaldo, they will pose stiff competition to Manchester City, Chelsea and Paris Saint Germain, among other European teams. It is already known that Ronaldo had a discussion with riband clubs about quitting Real Madrid and struck a new deal with the club making him the highest paid footballer.

Currently, Ronaldo’s earnings is £16.4m per year after all the tax deducted. Per season, the club pays him £34.1 million and if he returns to the UK, his payment will significantly reduce as the UK tax laws require him to pay higher taxes as he would fall under the high earning members. However, United could pay him more than his current salary and make his take home the same as it is now.

He would also have a transfer fee of £60 million and a basic wage of £380,000 per week on a four year contract which would help him make around £79 million in total. It is expected that Real Madrid would require United to pay at least £80 million to gain back the amount it lost on Ronaldo. Currently, Wayne Rooney is the highest paid member in United with a pay of £300,000 per week.

As Ronaldo’s skills are valued more than Rooney’s he might even get a pay of £400,000 per week. Ronaldo has expressed his thanks to his fans for following him on Twitter by tweeting, “Wow! Reached the 30 million followers on Twitter, it’s amazing. Thanks everyone.”