Increase in marine litter has called for innovative and new measures to get rid of the litter along the UK coastline and to this effect, Surfers Against Sewage has asked for a ban on smoking on beaches and also a fine enforcement on those who breach it.

Marine litter calls for smoking ban

Marine litter calls for smoking ban

It has recently published its Marine Litter Report which reveals how alarming it has become and shows the trashed tidelines while emphasizing the environmental impacts it has on the marine ecosystems and wildlife. It also highlights the unaffordable costs to industries such as tourism and fisheries.

The organization’s new environment report calls for a 50 percent reduction in marine litter in the UK by 2020. The report, launched this week at SAS’s inaugural Protect Our Waves All Party Parliamentary Group, also highlights the scale of current marine litter crisis and outlines the radical new measures to stop the flow of litter into oceans, waves and beaches.

It says that cohesive and effective anti-marine litter measures is required and all sections of the society should commit to the policies supported by companies and government legislation.

SAS chief executive Hugo Tagholm said, “Marine litter is one of the biggest threats to the health of our precious marine environment and it’s vital that we ramp up our collective actions to combat the crisis. Surfers Against Sewage’s Marine Litter Report maps out radical, yet tried and tested, new measures that can deliver a cleaner, greener coastline by 2020.”

He also added that cutting off marine litter flow at the source is crucial to the vision and it is also important to stop throwing away plastic and other trash at the beaches. The main request of SAS is to ban smoking on beaches and introduce environmental health warnings on single-use packaging while also reinstating container deposit schemes to prevent marine litter from spoiling the beaches.