Microsoft’s next version of its Operating System, Windows 9, internally code named as Threshold has been surfacing recently in the form of leaked screen shots and it is said that its September 30 event will reveal the preview version of the OS.

Microsoft to release Windows 9 preview on September 30

Microsoft to release Windows 9 preview on September 30

Although it is widely expected that the company will reveal at least a little about the next generation OS because of the new features and functions seen in the rumours, there are experts who say that the company will remain tight lipped about the OS until October.

While there are divided opinions regarding this among the experts, there are a few who say that some developers have managed to get a preliminary version of Windows 9 preview. Another change with Windows 9 is the name. For uncertain reasons, Microsoft might have thought of doing away with the old name and renamed it to something different.

As the company has not spilled the beans yet, it is not certain if the same name will be used when it is released later this year or early next year as most people predict. One certain thing is that the next version is in the works as Microsoft has already opened a new Windows Insider Preview Program to give users a better picture of how the OS will look and feel.

Users can sign up for the program and use the Windows Feedback app to provide feedback to the company and customize the version of the OS like change the menu choices, use it on different hardware and devices, download programs, etc and be a part of the team that works to better the OS. Those who have given the feedback will also be able to access the feedback sent by others to check whether they have sent a similar feedback or not.