With screenshots leaked claiming to be of Microsoft’s upcoming version of Operating System, Windows 9 or Threshold as internally code named, the company is also under tremendous pressure to make Windows 9 a success to keep up with the competition in the market.

Microsoft urged to make Windows 9 a success

Microsoft urged to make Windows 9 a success

Last year was the worst year of PC sales as several users were interested in tablets and other mobile devices. To make matters worse, Windows 8 proved to be a fatal mistake Microsoft made as it was erroneous on PC devices without touch functionality. To be appropriate, it was designed for devices with a touch screen and most of the Windows users had a non-touch device meaning that most users were not able to utilize the whole functionality that Windows 8 was designed to deliver.

Although Windows 8.1 came to the rescue it could not garner more attention as a significant number of users have already shifted to older versions of Windows, i.e., Windows 7 or other Operating systems. To add fuel to the fire, the enterprise market depended on iPads and the consumer market, on other tablet devices to meet their computing needs. Several businesses were unwilling to move on to Windows 8 from Windows 7.

It has therefore become necessary for Microsoft to really impress users with their next OS in line and retain the market share if not increase it. It was found that 48 percent of the market used Windows 7, 29 percent used Windows XP and only 11 percent used Windows 8.

Looking at the leaked screenshots of Windows 9, the company has combined the features of Windows 7 and Windows 8 and also included the long missed Start button. The start menu is a combination of list of menu items and live tiles as seen in Windows 8 which can be configured as preferred by users.

It remains to be seen whether or not the company will unveil Windows 9 this year and if it will succeed in regaining the lost market share.