The rural areas of Britain which have not yet received a formal arrangement to get mobile service are going to receive it very soon as the National Parks England and Mobile Operators UK have signed a deal to boost signal in the National Parks areas of Britain.

Mobile Phone coverage to reach rural areas of Britain

Mobile Phone coverage to reach rural areas of Britain

The area amounts to almost 10 percent of the country and almost 330,000 people live in these areas. Though there are several measures taken to offer mobile and internet services all over the nation, there are still places where people struggle to get signals for their devices.

In most cases, the reason is the presence of several stone buildings, churches which prevent radio waves from penetrating. EE, O2, Three and Vodafone have signed an agreement to offer connectivity in these areas and telephone masts will be established in these areas.

They have expressed hope that being able to make a call on cell phones and accessing the internet from smartphones will become as easy as it is in the urban areas.

Rural Policy Campaigner Emma Marrington who is currently promoting the Campaign to Protect Rural England said in a statement, “The major concern is the impact on landscape. If you have a mast on top of a mountain that will have an industrialising impact over a number of miles. If they are shared between companies that would be a good move. Trying to locate the masts in areas that are developed already is the best idea- not going for the complete wilderness.”

Though there are areas from where mobile phones can’t be used, such areas are getting mobile phone services and even airlines allow their passengers to use smartphones and tablets during transit. Several people living in these areas have expressed their appreciation for the decision and are looking forward to a better experience.