A recent research by the Home Office of the UK has revealed that mobile phone thieves are more interested in stealing iPhones rather than other brands of mobile devices.

Mobile phone thieves aim mostly for iPhones

Mobile phone thieves aim mostly for iPhones

The report published by the Home Office which is responsible for all the research relating to the country’s drugs policy, police, counter-terrorism, immigration, and so on says that the research covering the stealing of mobile phone has revealed that iPhones are the most stolen mobile devices in England and Wales.

After being stolen, these devices are shipped to some location outside the UK to extract the data and information stored in the phones. However, it has become a tougher process with the launch of iOS 7 as it came with beefed up with security. The top five phones that are most stolen are iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPhone 4S, and BlackBerry 9790. Among the top five phones hunted by thieves, only the BlackBerry is the non-Apple phone on the list.

As the iOS 7 that came with the introduction of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C with more security features, theft of iPhones has decreased. Although it increased considerably as with all devices after they are launched new, it has decreased significantly over a period of time after the realization that the stolen phones can’t be put to much use.

In addition, iOS 7 comes with the Find My iPhone feature that lets remote locking of the device rendering it completely inoperable if stolen. The feature was launched in 2009 and the remote password enables users to lock the phone and all the data stored in it using another device. This has ensured that the data stored on the iPhones are secure. All tech giants have been stressing on using all the security measures to ensure safety of information.