Following the beheading of the fourth victim marked for death, mourners have raised a sum of £17,000 to support the grieving family.

Mourners contribute £17,000 to support the grieving Hennings

Mourners contribute £17,000 to support the grieving Hennings

Alan Hennings was beheaded brutally and the video of the beheading was posted on the internet by ISIS. Mourners gathered to pay their respect and a page to fund the family was set up using the donation website GoFundMe which received about £10,000 on the first day and came to a total of £17,000 at the end of the second day.

The Hennings’ friend and co-worker Shameela Islam-Fulfiqar made the initiative which has gained the attention of several people who were willing to support the family. The money collected will also be used to fund the project that Henning was a part before being kidnapped by ISIS.

The page description says, “This page is dedicated to the memory of Alan Henning – also known as ‘Gadget’ for his love of all things technical. On the October 3 2014, the world lost an honourable and remarkable hero. Alan was a selfless compassionate man that paid the ultimate price – to help the destitute and poor that were less fortunate than him.”

It goes further saying that the page was set up after getting his widow Barbara to set up a fund in his memory for his children Adam and Lucy and that they wanted the children to know that their father’s work was valuable and that his death was not in vain. It also said that the money will be used to help people whom Alan tried to help in Syria.

Barbara said that seeing the video has made his family and friends numb. She also thanked everyone who has helped by taking part in campaigns and vigils at home and abroad to get him released. Community workers have raised about £4,000 for the children to see them through the university and driving lessons.