Once again the world has proved its appreciation of MS Word by pushing it to the second most popular app on the Apple App store in just 24 hours after the app was made available for downloads for free.

MS Word’s credibility revealed when iOS app was offered for free

MS Word’s credibility revealed when iOS app was offered for free

The company announced that it will be available for free downloads on iPhones and iPads for free on Apple App store starting Friday and looking at the statistics after 24 hours, it was noticed that it has become the 2 most popular app among iDevice owners.

Previously, Microsoft required users to have an Office 365 subscription in order to let them use the app on iDevices and after the announcement, it has been made available for free downloads. The most popular app currently is Facebook Messenger which has surpassed the number of users of the original Facebook app itself. MS Word comes second on the list after the announcement and a download spree among users.

Notably, not only MS Word but also Excel and PowerPoint are made available for free for iPhones and iPads. The app comes with free basic editing features and functionalities. For more advanced options, users will need Office 365 subscription. Anyone who wants to just view documents and Excel sheets and make simple edits will be content with the app and would not require a subscription.

Some features that require a subscription include formatting, changing landscape mode to portrait, etc. The document could include formatting but it is not possible to change the formatting within the app without a subscription. Although it is not completely free, Microsoft has made a big concession for its fans by giving basic editing features that many have been wanting but denied until now. MS Excel falls on the seventh place.

The company is performing beta testing the same app for Android tablets and they would hit Android devices anytime in early 2015.