A mysterious fireball, so big and bright, streaking across the sky, was spotted by a minimum of 80 people across Virginia on 17 July, which disappeared within seconds lending some weight to speculations of a meteor fall or other extraterrestrial activities.

A mysterious fireball streaks over Virginia and 4 other states

A mysterious fireball streaks over Virginia and 4 other states

It wasn’t just in Virginia, but at least in 4 other states in the US, getting the attention of a few hundreds of people, who took it to the social networking sites Facebook and Twitter, sharing their experience on witnessing the fireball.

The other 4 states in which the mysterious fiery object was spotted include Maryland, North Carolina, Delaware and Pennsylvania.

The American Meteor Society suggested that the mysterious fireball could have been space debris, but noted that it can confirm it only after investigation. However, just within a few hours, the ‘Fireball Page’ of The American Meteor Society was flooded with people’s comments on the rare phenomenon.

Michael Hankey, of the American Meteor Society said “A meteriod is a small piece of rock or ice that’s floating around in space and collides with Earth’s atmosphere. When that happens, this light effect takes place. A fireball comes down. People see it and most of the time, 99.9 percent of the time, it just evaporates or vaporizes in the atmosphere.”

Hankey added “As it’s coming down, the light that surrounds it is enormous and most witnesses think that it’s happening, like, in their back yard. But the reality is it’s very far away.”

Dan Perjar, a software developer at N.C. State University, who was heading to N.C. State from Cary has caught a footage of the meteor and has poted it on YouTube. He said that “Just a normal nighttime drive and I saw this, looked like a firework initially, shooting really kind of flat. It wasn’t really coming down. It looked like it was just going across.”

An ABC news viewer has managed to record a video of the huge and blaring fireball and said that “When it first appeared, it honestly looked like someone had shot some fireworks off in their backyard; it was that stunning…I quickly realized it was much larger and much further away when it exploded and lit up the clouds beneath it.”

Experts claim the witnesses to be lucky enough as they state that while there multiple fireballs in the sky every day, seeing even a single one in lifetime is a great thing.

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