A video filmed outside Google’s London office in St Giles High Street went viral after the man in the video experienced static electricity from a beam of light in the area.

Mysterious static electricity beam discovered outside Google’s office

Mysterious static electricity beam discovered outside Google’s office

Simon Legrand, shown in the video stands in front of the building and as he enters the beam of light, his hair is shown rising, which is silhouetted by a street lamp. The camera is then panned towards the building and the static electricity’s sound is heard as a crackle.

There has been no explanation so far about it and no known reason exists for the electrical build-up in the area. There are theories that there could be a problem with the wiring beneath the building and the electricity generated by the metallic poles in the building may rub together to cause this. Google declined to comment on the matter.

The said footage was filmed on Friday night. The subject of the video and his friend Nick were reported to be walking past the office in St Giles High Street and they said that they experienced a strong electric field and so they decided to make a video of it. In the video clip, Legrand passes his phone to his friend Nick and says, “‘Alright, so there’s this static electricity beam, right next to the Google building in London. I’m going to go inside the beam, and my hair is going to go up.”

At this point in the video he also explains that he was able to feel the electricity on his forehead and said that it was superstrong like a beam of static electricity. It was shot when it was dark around however, his hair standing up due to the electricity could be seen silhouetted by the street light glowing behind him. He said that the experience did not hurt him but he has been experiencing toothache and nosebleeds since the incident.