An interruption in the power production of the solar panels gave the astronauts in the International Space Station just 35 minutes for the mending and the video of the repairs reveals an object, reportedly an UFO watching them.



The astronauts had just 35 minutes to repair the damaged electrical unit and they had to come out of the space station to do it themselves. A footage of the repair works which NASA shared shows a UFO in the background briefly, thought to be watching them. The video shows the two astronauts and space walkers Reid Wiseman and Barry Butch Wilmore to replace an electrical unit with a new unit.

They were left with just half an hour as the repair work could be done only when the space station is not in direct contact with sunlight as the adjoining solar panels will start generating electricity otherwise. There were also further difficulties in the operation as one of the bolts did not work. Wiseman was finally able to screw the bolt in by using a special power tool. The total spacewalk lasted six hours and after the repairs on the electrical unit, they had to take care of one of the exterior satellites of the space station.

They also had to clear up space for two docking adapters which will arrive at the ISS by 2015. This is the 183rd space walk since the ISS was opened in 1998. It is also the most recent spacewalk on the ISS and they had also carried out similar repairs on October 7.

While spacewalking catches general interest among science enthusiasts, this has something to think for the UFO watchers as the footage of the two carrying out the repair works has also revealed an object doubted to be an UFO hovering between them and the earth for a few seconds. NASA has not yet commented on it.