While global warming is being discussed widely and countries promising to contribute their bit to reduce global warming, latest reports published by scientists reveal that it is much more than what it is perceived as.

New Global Warming facts revealed

New Global Warming facts revealed

The new report published by MIT scientists and the University of Washington says that global warming is more complicated and is not just a thick layer of CO2 trapping heat. Its long term effect is that it will make earth absorb more of sun rays and make the icecaps melt and as a result, a higher amount of solar energy will be absorbed by the earth.

Experts have said that global warming is like tanning oil which lets more of sun rays to reach earth and make the earth absorb more of it. The atmosphere also emits less of the long-wave radiation to space as the upper atmosphere is usually cooler than the earth’s surface. However, the earth gets heated up gradually and the hotter objects emit more radiation according to the study conducted by Pnas.

The study shows that the thick blanket effect that global warming has on earth will be multiplied in about a decade and in the long term, according to the computer models, the earth will begin absorbing more of the shortwave radiation and the high energy rays of the sun will hit the earth directly, resulting in adverse effects.

The shortwave radiation has not been discussed much by experts before as the clouds can also reflect such visible light back to space and the response of clouds during a climate change is highly uncertain. However, researchers have warned the ice content of earth is likely to reduce in the coming years, increasing the tanning oil effect of the thick layer of CO2. And melting ice is also said to create more darker surfaces meaning that more heat will be absorbed.