Potatoes are generally considered as fattening agents and those on a diet to lose weight try their best to stay away from potatoes; however, a recent research has revealed that if calorie intake is limited, eating potatoes doesn’t prevent one from losing weight.

New research changes weight loss myths

New research changes weight loss myths

All that matters is a calorie controlled diet and not what actually is in the diet. The research included groups of people eating low calories, high GI food and low GI food. There was also a control group who had GI restrictions. All the groups were given 5 to 7 servings of potatoes each week and the changes in their weight were noted for 12 consecutive weeks. At the end of 12 weeks, all the groups were found to have lost similar amounts of weight.

The potatoes, rather than causing weight gain have actually resulted in weight loss. A medium sized potato is said to be having 110 calories and have half the vitamin C required every day for an individual. Even when the dieter includes potatoes in their diet, if they are on a controlled diet calculating the calories carefully and balancing it out with the other food, it will only help them lose weight rather than gaining as feared by dieters.

The scientists who conducted the study that there have been no scientific evidences found before that say that potatoes will make a person gain weight if they are prepared in a healthy manner. The main purpose of the research was to understand how lowering calories impacted weight loss in individuals while potatoes are still included in the diet regularly.

The role of glycemic index in weight loss was also studied. Glycemic index is a scale of 100 that shows how quickly glucose is released into the bloodstream after the consumption of carbohydrates.