The National Health Service which has been benefitted by the British people for over 66 years to get world class free healthcare is recently rated as the most effective and beneficial healthcare services in the world.

NHS crashing becoming more obvious

NHS crashing becoming more obvious

It has also outperformed the healthcare services offered by the world’s top 10 richest countries and notably the UK has spend only 9.6 percent of GDP on health which is very less compared to the other countries.

The coalition government has been maintaining an austerity in health care and historic annual increases in the health budget was designed to keep up with the needs of the ageing population and the natural increase in the demand for healthcare services. The healthcare plan that is celebrated for its austerity is now one of the prime reasons for a damaging budget squeeze in its history of 66 years. Although savings have been made and the efforts of the doctors and nurses have not been insulated from cuts.

Many of the NHS staff feel they are undervalued and demoralized and they just ask for conditions to care for their patients. Now, there are twin crises including rising demand and flatlining budgets all over the country and a shortage of GPs results in patients struggling to get an appointment to see a doctor.

It has also put a strong pressure on maternity services and women do not get high quality care that is required during pregnancy. Also, major accident and emergency departments in the country have recently failed to meet their waiting time targets for a whole year due to shortage of staff. In addition, thousands of patients are having to wait for an unacceptable period of time to meet their GP to just find out what the diagnosis of their condition is. The services are under severe pressure hence missing referral targets.

It is generally requested that the government should look into the matter and take measures to stop the NHS from crashing.