NHS England Chief Executive Simon Stevens has said that doctors and nurses should maintain a healthy weight and walk the talk as they should set an example to patients.

NHS doctors motivated to maintain healthy weight

NHS doctors motivated to maintain healthy weight

He said in an interview that he envisioned the engagement of staff members of the NHS in weight loss competitions to encourage losing excess weight and also offer positive incentives for their efforts.

Notably, a few months ago, Chief Medical Officer Prof. Dame Sally Davies noted that she was perpetually surprised at the fact that over 54 percent of the NHS staff was obese or overweight, which accounts to almost 700,000 doctors and nurses of the 1.3 million staff.

“It’s hard for the NHS to talk about how important this is if we don’t get our own act together. I think the NHS has got to take an example in helping our own staff and hopefully other employers will follow suit”, said Mr. Stevens.

As an employer, the NHS wants its own staff including the doctors and nurses to maintain a healthy weight and the NHS can offer positive incentives for it. He also added that people involved in the frontline healthcare will have to raise the standards and set an example.

CMO Dame Sally told in May this year that patients naturally tend to question why doctors who advise patients on the healthcare and weight loss measures can’t follow it in their own lives. ‘How are they going to have the impact on patients if they are not taking note and thinking about it for themselves?’ asked Sally.

She also added that the NHS is not supporting its staff enough to maintain a healthy weight. On the other hand, NHS staff responded to it saying that they do not get enough time to take care of their health as they spend almost 15 hours per day at their work desks.