It has been found through a recent research that physical activity, besides helping maintaining the fitness of the body also helps students score higher in their academics.

Oregon Program gives children brain breaks

Oregon Program gives children brain breaks

Following the research, the Healthy Youth Program of the Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University has designed a physical activity break program in the form of a DVD which are introduced in Oregon schools.

The program involves engaging students in physical activity breaks which has gained a positive change and welcome among both students and teachers. Both students and teachers have found the program helpful in overcoming the monotony of the learning schedule the schools were previously following.

These breaks are called Brain Breaks as they aim at boosting the brain capacity of students. The Oregon program is currently introduced to the students of primary school where they take part in five to seven minutes of physical exercises in between class. The OSU students and students from Corvallis, Oregon demonstrated the program.

The exercises in between are expected to boost the mental health, awareness, physical health and educational success of the children. Researcher Gerd Bobe said, “We’re increasingly recognizing the importance of physical activity for children even as the academic demands placed on them are cutting into the traditional programs of recess and physical education”.

He also added that the research as revealed that physical activity can boost academic performance, classroom behavior and also student focus. He further said that kids cannot sit all day long and needed to move and that considering the time constraints of the present system, the physical activity program could really help them improve their performance and also personality traits.

All the work out elements included in the program do not need any special equipment and just a chair for the strength-boosting exercise and can be performed in a class room setting without any inconvenience.