Painted topless women give pose in Times Square, latest news in movies

Painted topless women give pose in Times Square

Times Square, New York is one of the most popular tourist places in Manhattan, New York. All domestics and international traveler are visiting Times Square when they are in New York Manhattan. Because of that, this crossroads are always crowed.

There are lots of cartoon character and superheroes characters like Miki Mouse, Super Mario, Elmo, SpongeBob, Cookie Monster, The Minions, Spider-Man, Statue of Liberty, Minnie Mouse, Iron-Man, Bat-Man and Super-Man shown across the street. Most of the costumed character people are immigrants.

You will see lots of topless girls in this crowd. Girls not wear top but painted their private part looks like American flag with bikini bottoms. All these costumed characters people do entertainment for kids and asking to take picture with them. Once you clicked picture than they are demanding tips from you and your family.

If you visited this summer at Times square, then you noticed that approximately 50 – 60 topless girls roaming to street. Travelers are coming with family and children, so few people complained about these topless girls.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio vowed Tuesday to crack down on painted topless women who pose with passersby for photographs in Times Square, a move that could test the balance between civil liberties and public order at one of the world’s busiest crossroads.

The mayor said the city was exploring how to respond to charges the women were offending families and adding to the congestion in Times Square. He deemed the situation “unacceptable.”

“The women in Times Square, or the furry creatures in Times Square, are engaged in a business,” he said, in an apparent allusion to panhandlers costumed as children’s characters who also have generated complaints. “I believe that opens the door for us to enforce the way we would with any other business.”

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