Patidar Anamat Andolan, Thirty years once the Patidars or Patels of Gujarat took to the streets protestant against reservation for Dalits, Adivasis and different Backward Castes in government jobs and academic establishments, they’re agitate all over again. This time, the Patels wish to be counted mutually of the socially and economically weaker communities within the State. Lead by Hardik Patel, a 21-year-old young businessperson who has become the face of the Patidar Anamat Andolan.

The Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti (PAAS) has held large rallies in small cities and enormous cities for the past 2 months with the sign that “We can make & break government” with humble anger. The Patidars or Patels of Gujarat speak of utmost 15% of the overall state civilians as per the 1931 caste census (the stats from the recent caste census have however to be free by the government) however since its formation in 1960, the community has wielded a disproportionate quantity of political and money power. That is why their demand for inclusion within the OBC class seems shocking.

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What scenario is occurred?

After all, the Patels, primarily agriculturists, even have large interests in industries as numerous as textiles, diamonds and pharmaceuticals. They need been, for the last twenty years, the foremost militant and constant cheerleaders of PM. Narendra Modi‘s evolution  miniature for Gujarat patterned and enforced throughout his terms as Chief Minister. Politically, the strength of the Patidar anamat andolan group over Gujarat has been close finished. Till the late 1970s, they were Congress supporters, however, when the developing desire of the retrogressive standings could never again be disregarded, the Congress played Judas on the Patels and faked an organization together of Kshatriyas, Harijans, Adivasis and Muslims, prominently known as KHAM, which governed the state through the 1980s.

This was a time of extraordinary social distress in Gujarat. Denied of capability, the Patels hit back by propelling the savage hostile to reservation developments of 1981 and 1985 which focused on both Dalits and OBCs. Spurned by the Congress, they changed sides to the BJP, and developed as its most trusted vote bank by the 90s. In return, the group keeps on being abundantly compensated. Without further ado, 40 of the 120 BJP officials in the state are Patels, including Chief Minister Anandiben and seven of her senior bureau associates.

What makes them to fluster & agitate?

Very true and practical reason as per the social survey guru Archyut Yagnik lives in Ahmedabad, is that concerns with the admission  of their children into higher studies education courses likely as engineering , medical and so on..The only reason is as those children can get admission and get job as per their skills and acknowledgement of respective field, if they do not have concern about. Such any other child from OBC lower caste can get admission and job easily and at very low skills matching comparatively, just because they are listed in OBC quota. Most generally it is traditionally noticed that Patidar are engaging into business at young age other than pursuing higher studies. As the generation is changing, Patidars are now looking for mutually consideration as with OBC quota.

What is concern of such Andolan & benefits?

Here is why. For years, an outsized section of middle and lower socio-economic class Patels in rural areas had invested with their surplus money from agriculture in small, little and medium enterprises (MSMEs). The colorful Gujarat model – that seeks massive investment within the state for infrastructure and different comes – for the most part unnoticed these to target business sector and business. Today, in keeping with knowledge compiled by the RBI from regular (private and nationalized) commercial banks, of the 2.61 hundred thousand MSMEs registered with the Gujarat government,  more than 48,000 are debilitated, second just to Uttar Pradesh. The MSMEs use more than twenty-one hundred thousand people and are set fundamentally inside the areas of Ahmedabad, Surat, Rajkot, Vadodara, Bharuch, Jamnagar, Bhavnagar and Valsad that have an outsized populace of Patels, a few of whom are as of now out of work.

This show of strength has brought along the two major sub-castes of the Patels, the Kadvas and Leuvas. A third, abundant smaller cluster, the Anjanas, practiced the barter system and were so thought of socially backward and eligible for OBC standing right from the start. thus, last year whereas they benefited from the State’s achievement drive for permanent teaching posts in faculties, the police and alternative government departments, the growing army of out of work Kadva and Leuva Patels were unnoticed of the choice method, triggering the primary protests across North Gujarat wherever the Anjanas are focused and share neighborhoods with the opposite Patels.

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