While suicide is still considered illegal, governments are still not able to grant permission for assisted suicide or euthanasia where a patient asks the medical care professionals to end their life as their disease is unbearable.

People moving to Switzerland for euthanasia on the rise

People moving to Switzerland for euthanasia on the rise

Most countries have not made it legal and some countries like Switzerland and the Netherlands have made lenient laws for such a situation. To make use of the laws and put an end to their suffering, people affected by chronic illnesses are said to be moving to Switzerland to request assisted suicide and the number has increased drastically over the last four years.

The Journal of Medical Ethics said in its publication today that about 172 foreigners visited the country for treatment requested assisted suicide which was 86 in 2009. Most of the patients are from Germany and Britain. It was also revealed that neurotic disorders such as paralysis, motor neuron disease, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s are the most common diseases seen among patients who request euthanasia.

While euthanasia is made legal in some US states, countries like Luxembourg, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands have also made it legal. As it is difficult to decide on the legality of the issue, courts of Britain, France and other European countries are struggling to make a decision in favor of those who support euthanasia.

However, surprisingly, in Switzerland, the request for ban of euthanasia and suicide tourism was voted against and the proposals were rejected in 2011 in Zurich. A year following this incident, the national parliament of Switzerland voted against the tight controls for this practice.

As many as 611 people have so far been mercy-killed in Switzerland between 2008 and 2012 who were from 31 countries with an average age of 69. Half of them came from Germany and more than 20 percent from Britain.