IKEA, the furniture giant has as usual announced freebies for its opening of the store in the Merriam area, leaving people waiting in line outside the store 48 hours before the opening.

People wait in line outside IKEA store for grand opening

People wait in line outside IKEA store for grand opening

To get the free sofa worth $399, Toiya Franklin, the first person in line, said she found it as a good deal to wait outside the store for two days to get a sofa. The store is expected to open on Wednesday at 9 AM and the first 40 in the line will get a free Ektorp sofa with a white Blekinge cover.

Franklin’s friend Mindi Bruce has taken the second position in line. Franklin says that her family members have to bring her something to eat for her to wait outside the store and get the free sofa. IKEA also has other offers and free items on the giveaway list for people who wait outside the store.

The third place in the line is taken by Robert Garcia who was laid off recently and lives with his friends in Blue Springs area. Although he would get the sofa, he says he will give it to a couple he met at his church and in exchange for the sofa, they will bring him food for the next two days to make waiting easier.

While the first 40 people receive a sofa, the next 100 people will be given $69 Poang armchair with a birch frame and an Alme Natural cushion. The next 2,500 people in line will get an envelope with a mystery IKEA gift card and the gift cards will be for the amounts ranging from $10 to $250 and each person will receive an amount randomly. The offer extends till Friday and there are also offers for children.

The first 100 children in line will get a free frozen yoghurt pack.