The Police are tired of cases involving usage of mobile phones while driving and demand to double the points for such cases.

Currently, they slap three points for it and if their request is accepted, drivers who are using their mobile phones while driving would have a 6 point penalty. You might want to think twice before answering a call on your mobile phone or texting while driving.

Police wants stricter rules for using a phone while driving

Police wants stricter rules for using a phone while driving

Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin said that the department is considering the idea of doubling the points after Met Police Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe put the idea across to the board.

It was observed that there is a major increase in deaths and injuries because of people driving carelessly and using their mobile phones while driving in the past decade. If someone is caught twice for the same reason in three years, they could be banned from driving.

He said during the Westminister lunch, “The person using their phone doesn’t realise the damage or the danger they can be in. It ends up ruining different people’s lives – those who are driving as well as those who are injured.”

“It is one area I want to look at. There could be some difficulties about it but I think we’ve got to get that message across to people about safety.”

He also added that there could be difficulties with this plan initially, however, the police department should iterate this message to the public in order to save lives. He also noted that road deaths and casualties have declined, however, the people should co-operate to bring the number further down as “one death is one too many”.

Using a mobile phone while driving is pronounced as illegal and the fine for the same has been increased to £100 from £30. Drivers who offend may also be fined £1,000.

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