Pregnancy is very crucial time period for all mom, while they need to keep themselves healthy to deliver healthy baby birth. It is very essential to care of each and everything concerned with health of pregnant mom even small steps towards health care, latter on which turn out into health vaginal baby birth. Which all mom desires for, go through below handy guidance & have glimpse at entire health changing journey of pregnancy for almost 37 weeks & get back into shape!

Pregnancy term itself reveals a lot about it, being a lady to have pregnancy is bless full occurrence gifted by lord. Delivering vaginal birth to baby is equally happy moment as it takes pain to give birth to new born baby! Every mother get this precious moment of happiness to give birth to a baby, pregnancy can be divided into different stages. It can be distinguished as from beginning of pregnancy and ends with giving vaginal birth to baby.

Stages of pregnancy –

  • First stage initiate within cervix.(Early labor)
  • Second stage comes at aggressive growth of labor period of seed & cervix turn-up.(Active labor)
  • Third stage turned down as vaginal birth delivery of baby. (Transition/Placenta Di-attachment

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First state of pregnancy starts with contradiction in cervix, it goes to next step where cervix is totally dilated inside the body of pregnant female. Contradiction of cervix can be explain in two different stages.

  •  As initial of pregnancy as contradiction of cervix getting thinner gradually & slowly , by passing time cervix gets wider & open up gradually which can be termed as early pregnancy.
  • Later on pregnancy turn into active stage of pregnancy when contradiction of cervix are more wider , stronger & closer dilated compare to early pregnancy stage , most of the people term it as active & progressive transformation of the seed into a baby.

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Now engaging to second stage of the pregnancy can be proclaimed as giving birth to baby, when cervix contradiction is totally dilated. In this stage pregnancy ends up as medical term “pushing” stage, this stage can be termed as pushing out the baby into vaginal birth of baby. When pregnant mother is advised to push out the baby with aggressive energy, so that baby is dragged out of vagina slowly with head of baby & gradually gives birth to a baby.

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Third stage can be stated as delivering birth to baby and ends with delivering lamia (Placenta). Placenta is a thin & small membrane inside the mother body attached to baby, delivering placenta is the end of pregnancy when vaginal birth to baby is given at the same time placenta is removed.

Few Nitty-Gritty notch about pregnancy weeks !

Pregnancy differs from mother to mother, some moms take longer time period for the contradiction of labor and holds it for longer time, while some moms have labor time period sooner. Most commonly labor contradiction takes place within 10-20 hours. Moms who have already given birth to baby takes less labor time & have very progressive contradiction labor initiation. The only reason for this progressive & aggressive sooner labor period is as of mom had already been through these stages earlier at first pregnancy , which gives huge relief to adjusting body as per the stages of pregnancy and becomes more favorable to the changes takes place within body during pregnancy from initiation of pregnancy to delivery of vaginal baby birth.

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Generally pregnancy stages takes around 37 weeks as a normal healthy mom, during these pregnancy weeks contradiction keeps on dilating and transforms within as with giving vaginal birth to a baby. Most of the moms are suggested to take rest as much as they can, but at the same time it is very important to keep a pregnant mom out from the stressful atmosphere. It is important to have light exercise as likely taking a slow & steady walk or normal daily routine to keep pregnant mom physically active, as on the same side it is very crucial to take care of that pregnant mom not to engage into heavy work or exercise. Many moms feels stressful during pregnancy weeks and take anti-depressant pills to avoid stress & mood flips , again which is positive as equally as not too good to take anti-depressant pills while pregnancy. It is more favorable if pregnant mom keeps herself active and get engage in light activities which keeps her active physically and mentally both simultaneously. This can help her to deal with stressful moments and can avoid taking anti-depressant pills. Try to have light & notorious diets to stay healthy during pregnancy weeks especially, which directly affects to healthiness of baby and healthy pregnancy delivery, which ends with giving birth to healthy baby. Be healthy mom while pregnancy & stay safe to give healthy vaginal baby birth delivery.

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