Munching on a hot dog during your transit to office looks like the best way to satisfy your hunger in the shortest possible time without spending much. The consequences seem to be disappointing.

A 40 gram sausage per day is considered too much for the body to process. Humans bodies are designed to process only a limited quantity of proteins and feeding it on high amounts of proteins on a daily basis increases the risk of heart attacks and other health complications that are untreatable or treatable at a high risk.

Processed red meat increases risk of heart failure in men

Processed red meat increases risk of heart failure in men

While meat is said to be a good source of proteins and some vitamins that are not found in vegetables, processed meat, when taken regularly, creates undesirable effects to your health in the long run. Some examples are sausages, hot dogs, bacon, and certain cold cuts including ham and salami.

These are preserved by various processes such as smoking, curing, salting and in some cases harmful preservatives are added. Though the preservatives are classified as edible, they harm your health when it accumulates in the body for a long time.

Alicja Wolk, D.M.Sc., senior author of a study on the impact of processed meat has on men said in a statement, “Processed red meat commonly contains sodium, nitrates, phosphates and other food additives, and smoked and grilled meats also contain polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, all of which may contribute to the increased heart failure risk.”

The study included a twelve year follow up of the treatments and the health conditions of those involved and the findings are quite shocking.

A total of 37,035 men were studied who were in the age group of 45-79 years. They had no history of heart issues or risk of heart issues at the beginning of the study.

Out of them, 2,891 men developed heart complications and 266 of them died of heart failure. It was revealed that those who ate at least 75 grams of red meat per day had 28 percent higher risk of developing a heart related complication. Each 50 gram of processed red meat increases the chances by 8 percent.

It is a wakeup call to many who are fond of processed meat. Make healthy choices to have a good quality of life.