Just as smartphone makers are prepping devices to launch on Black Friday and retailers tailoring deals to attract customers, news of red BlackBerry launching on Black Friday in limited numbers has hit the market.

Red BlackBerry Passport to launch on Black Friday

Red BlackBerry Passport to launch on Black Friday

Unlike the usual rumours, BlackBerry has announced it officially during an investor conference in San Francisco during which the company shared information of its plans to launch red BlackBerry in limited numbers and also its other plans of changes in the works.

BlackBerry CEO said on November 13 that the long rumoured BlackBerry Classic that has hit the rumour mills even before the BlackBerry Passport will be out shortly after the Black Friday launch, probably on December 17 this year. He also showed off the red BlackBerry Passport at the meeting and said that the limited edition version will launch for sure on November 28, Black Friday.

The specifications of the BlackBerry Passport or the differences in specs in the limited edition or the price difference were not discussed. There is little information about the red BlackBerry Passport, however, there have been frequent rumours of the BlackBerry Classic. It is said that the BlackBerry Classic will come with a screen measuring roughly around 3.5 inches offering a resolution of 720×720 and pack a dual core 1.5Ghz processor. It will also include a 2GB RAM and an 8 MP rear camera. The front camera is said to have a resolution of 2MPs. The battery would be a 2,515 mAh battery.

While the built in storage capacity is not known, it is said that users will be able to increase the device’s memory to up to 128GB using microSD. During the meeting, Chen also shared that Samsung has plans to integrate BlackBerry’s end to end encryption system for its Knox system and that it would enable Samsung to use BlackBerry’s servers and technology to improve security for its government users.