BlackBerry has released its answer to the phablet mania in the market with high hopes of gaining back its lost customers only to be estimated a few days later that the device will appeal crowds but sales won’t rise.

Report: BlackBerry Passport won’t take off

Report: BlackBerry Passport won’t take off

The company has struggled a lot in the recent past to keep up with the advancing trend in the smartphone market and after a major revamp in its strategies, launched the BlackBerry Passport which looks and feels like a closed passport. Customary of BlackBerry, it had a square shape and to give a traditional BlackBerry experience, it also gained back the physical keyboard that was missing in the previous devices launched by the company.

The Passport has a 4.5 inch screen and is said to have better resolution than any of its competitors namely Apple, Samsung, and more. However, the reviews that have surfaced post launch have shown that the device will appeal people but the company cannot reach where it aimed to with Passport.

The company has provided all features boasted by the devices of its rival like a personal voice assistant, battery life, etc. In fact, the company has provided the phone with a bigger battery than is seen on other devices and has promised about 30 hours of battery life on mixed use while Apple’s iOS 8 seems to gulp down battery life too quickly.

“The BlackBerry Passport was created to drive productivity and to break through the sea of rectangular-screen, all-touch devices,” said BlackBerry CEO John Chen.

Citi analyst Ehud Gelblum wrote in a statement, “We believe the square shape of the screen could make the vast store of Android apps now available via the Amazon app store a disappointing experience as most were designed for a longer screen implying they would need to be redesigned”.