Ever since the MH 17 crash, Russia has been strongly accused by the West especially the US that Russia shot a firearm on the plane mistaking it for a Ukrainian flight. However, Russia has been backfiring stating that the allegations are not true.

Russia claims US allegations are baseless

Russia claims US allegations are baseless

As an answer to Russia’s denial, the US released a set of three satellite photos which show Russia firing arms into Ukrainian border. The images were sent through an email along with a document running for four pages with the title “Evidence of Russian Shelling into Ukraine”. All the images were dated between July 21 and 26 when the crash happened.

Ukraine’s US ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt posted these images on Twitter yesterday, to which the deputy chairman of the State Duma Defense Committee Franz Klintsevich replied that the US “lies about obvious things.”

He further said that the US has to substantiate its accusations with more evidence and that the currently published images cannot be the sole evidence to conclude that Russia fired missiles into Ukraine. “The American dialogue today is simply unsubstantiated,” Klintsevich said. He added that he is not aware of any firing activity on the behalf of Russia into Ukraine.

Klintsevich also said that his colleagues support the idea of precision strikes against the machines that Ukraine uses to attack Russia since this summer. Russia said that Ukraine fired at least 45 mortar shells into Russia in the Rostov region which damaged houses in the area and the civilians there had to be evacuated.

“No instances of violations by Russia along the Ukrainian border had been registered by the inspectors,” the ministry stated.

“Publishing charges on the US ambassador to Ukraine’s Twitter and using them as a basis to argue that Russia is firing at Ukrainian territory is ludicrous and unprofessional,” said Igor Korotchenko, Russian Military Expert.