Following the crash of MH 17, Russia has been rebelling more by not letting investigators get access to the site and not letting the officials transport the bodies of the victims. Furthermore, the US also submitted evidence that Russia supplied the missiles used to hit the flight.

Russia faces new sanctions from the EU and US

Russia faces new sanctions from the EU and US

The European Union met and announced sanctions against Russia last week and new sanctions from the US and the EU were announced on Tuesday, this time targeting Russia’s energy, banking and defence sectors.

The West is interfering with Russia first time since the Cold War which has begun a new phase of convictions and confrontations by which the Russian economy will likely be affected.

“If Russia continues on this current path, the costs on Russia will continue to grow,” President Barack Obama said.

“Russia’s actions in Ukraine and the sanctions that we’ve already imposed have made a weak Russian economy even weaker.”

Amid all these, Germany was a bit hesitant about the sanctions as it has trade relations with Russia but it had to finally approve of the sanctions brought up by the EU.

The sanctions approved earlier were only severing trade relations with the individuals and organizations that threatened Ukraine, however, the recent rebellion has led the EU to coordinate with the West to make sanctions that target the entire Russian economy hoping that the country will back off from claiming Ukraine territory.

Surprisingly, Putin has not shown a single sign of backing down his efforts to capture Ukraine. Kiev and Donetsk residents are in the fear of getting trapped in a war zone as the rebellion yesterday killed several soldiers and civilians.

Although Ukrainian troops are advancing, Russian rebels have vowed to gain foothold again which is only likely to worsen the condition prevailing in the region.

“The enemy is throwing everything it has into the battle to complete encirclement of the DNR”, said a rebel commander.