Ukraine says that armed Russian rebels are refusing to allow the refrigerated train in which the dead bodies from the MH 17 crash are stored to move.

There is still confusion about where to transport the bodies and they are currently loaded in refrigerated train carriages in a place called Torez which is almost 15km away from the crash shite.

Russian Rebels block movement of refrigerated trains with corpses from the MH 17 crash

Russian Rebels block movement of refrigerated trains with corpses from the MH 17 crash

Vice Prime Minister Volodymyr Hroisman said in a statement, “As of today we managed to load 192 bodies and 8 body parts of the innocent victims of the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 flight onto a special train”.

Ukrainian forces have managed to pack and load the carriages with the dead bodies and sealed them, but are unable to move them because of the rebels preventing them from doing so. He also said that Ukraine is trying to negotiate with the rebels regarding this.

21 new bodies were recovered today from the crash site and it raises the number to 251 totally and the time that will be required to transport the bodies to refrigerated carriages can’t be estimated as of now. Earlier news says that Russia has transported almost 38 bodies to a morgue in the rebel-held city of Donetsk and the Russian government is refusing to surrender the bodies.

“This is not a time to use bodies as hostages or pawns in a Ukrainian-Russian conflict. It is time for these bodies to be brought home and it’s time for an investigation into who is responsible for this atrocity to begin”, said Australia in a statement which further fueled the fire.

Russia is being pressured on all sides to convince its rebels and give up its delaying tactics and hand over the black box recorder found in the crashed plane.