Of late, Samsung has been trying to gradually come out of Android support by developing its own OS, dubbed Tizen. The duopolyzed OS market has not given in as it is dominated by the two big players Android and iOS till date.

The company unveiled Samsung Z, its first smartphone powered by the open platform Tizen. Samsung has been making several efforts to create more developer interest around the platform but in vain. Developers prefer to favor the big players. The company has also organized a developer conference in San Francisco to get more developers.

Samsung Z Tizen, Latest World Internet News

Samsung Z Tizen

Samsung Z comes with a fingerprint sensor, the fancy feature of most of the recently released devices and runs Tizen 2.2.1.

Users can download native apps from the Tizen app store which is currently lagging behind the dominant players in the field. Later, it will also get support to download Android apps. The company is planning to launch an app challenge for the Tizen platform in Russia and CIS countries alongside the launch of the device, to attract more developers to develop apps for this platform.

Last week, Samsung announced that it has plans to switch the OS of its Android powered Galaxy Gear smartwatch to Tizen. Samsung, which has gained the top position in smartphone making, has seen a sluggish growth recently. Its focus on the Tizen platform may help the company regain the lost market share and Tizen, may some day evolve as a platform that can directly lock horns with Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. However, it may not happen soon and Samsung, replacing Android completely on all of its devices is unlikely.

Samsung pitches Tizen as a lightweight alternative to Android because it consumes lesser power than Android. Time has to tell whether the market which didn’t even give a warm welcome to Windows OS backed by a giant like Microsoft will have any interest in Tizen which is miniscule compared to Android.