Samsung’s Galaxy K zoom devices were launched a month ago and it is an improved version of the South Korean tech giant’s Galaxy S4 Zoom which was launched last year. The highlight of the handset is its camera which completely changes the photography experience on smartphone. It functions more like a camera than a smartphone.

Samsung and Twitter team up to build a new version of Vine

Samsung and Twitter team up to build a new version of Vine

People who are fascinated about photography but are not comfortable carrying a camera around might find this handset more useful as the camera pushes open the lens like a conventional camera when launched. The ado around it now is that its maker Samsung is teaming up with Twitter to create a special version of the Vine app that will have zoom functions especially for the Galaxy K zoom devices.

The app will have a zoom button which lets users to zoom in while capturing videos for the Vine app using their devices and the same can be uploaded. It is a very small move from Samsung to enhance the device experience and this is not something the tech giant will want to use to drum up attention. People may not choose a device just because of a fancy camera function or an app that has a special button for its camera.

Samsung has not yet revealed what its intentions are behind the development of this special version of Vine.

Sun Hong Lim, SVP of Mobile Communications Business at Samsung Electronics said, “With this latest collaboration, Samsung continues to demonstrate our commitment to innovation and supporting the needs of our consumers, including that of their creativity.”

There has been no word from Samsung when the app will be available for users to download or when the device will hit the shelves and for which markets.