It is evident that every acquisition made by the most famous social network Facebook makes headlines and this time, people in the San Francisco are have complained about the noise created by the construction activities held in the home recently purchased by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

San Francisco residents complain about Zuckerberg’s home becoming a construction site

San Francisco residents complain about Zuckerberg’s home becoming a construction site

Zuckerberg and his wife Dr Priscilla Chan bought a 1920 home in San Francisco and are rebuilding the property which has become a noisy project due to the construction. The home is valued at £6.1m and is called Fort Zuckerberg by the local residents. The work is underway at the site. The house was bought as early as 2013 and construction has already began and the activities are expected to be over only by the spring of 2016.

San Francisco chronicle reported that at least 50 labourers have been working on the site for the past 17 months and the construction equipment is used to fully refurbish the house. The pavement outside the house is torn up in order to lay fiber optic cable for Zuckerberg. The site is also under surveillance 24/7 by security personnel and CCTV cameras. While the people are reporting about the noise it creates, there are also parking problems created by this activity.

About five most coveted spaces are reserved for the construction vehicles and people are not able to park their vehicles even in front of their own homes leading to more contempt and complaining. A neighbor Trafton Bean said that he has seen young people sitting in their cars at night who were hired by Zuckerberg to reserve extra spaces for the construction vehicles.

It is also reported that Zuckerberg and Dr Chan have together secured 10 permits to carry on with the modifications on the site and the rear extension alone costing $75,000. The garage is getting a new turntable to get cars easily out.