Ofgem, energy regulator, has issued a warning to Scottish Power to offer better service or it will have to face a sales ban.

Scottish Power issued warning to offer better service

Scottish Power issued warning to offer better service

Scottish Power’s customer service has fallen which has resulted in a lot of customers complaining. Glasgow based energy utility Scottish Power responded to this with an apology unreservedly for its poor service and said that its recently introduced £200 million IT systems were the reason for poor customer service.

The company has been given roughly two weeks to sort out the backlog of the ombudsman complaint decisions failing to do which will make it face sanctions that could affect the company’s business seriously. The company is also asked to reduced the number of overdue bills to 30,000 the current limit for which is 75,000 and this should be done by the end of next month. Scottish Power will also have to improve the speed at which it processes the customer calls by the end of January 2015.

Ofgem said that Scottish Power will be stripped of the rights to sell new connections in the area if it does not meet the demands put across now. A special investigation is also commenced separately by Ofgem to discover the problems faced in the customer care area for better service in future.

The power utility admitted that it has failed to meet its customers’ demands and could not give proper attention to those in need and also added that it is still committed to resolve the issues within the operations and will recruit hundreds of employees to take care of the customer interactions.

Scottish Power retail and generation CEO Neil Clitheroe said, “To further improve our customer service, we invested £200 million on a new customer management system. All of our customer accounts have now been transferred on to the new system and we are starting to see some of the benefits of that system being delivered, such as extending our call centre opening hours to the longest in the industry, and an industry-first online direct debit management service.”