While countries are attacking each other in several parts of the world, Russia has its own war. Russian Separatist leaders in Ukraine have agreed to ceasefire until 27 June.

Alaxendar Boroday, a separatist leader has announced in a statement that Russian forces will ceasefire with Ukrainian forces until the mentioned date.

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Separatist leaders ceasefire in Ukraine

President Petro Poroshenko announced on Friday, a peace plan which involves both the countries to ceasefire for a particular period of time, hoping that it will calm down the rage of pro-Russian separatists.

It also points out that that they may have to face dismemberment from the former Soviet Republic if the ceasefire is not observed.

Ukraine’s National Security and Defence Council official Volodymyr Chepovy said in a statement that the weapons were not used between 9 a.m to 5 p.m and that “There were no attempts to seize administrative buildings or military points etc.”

Ex-president Leonid Kuchma also was included in the talks who said that the two-way agreement to ceasefire until 10 a.m on June 27 will resolve several key problems between the countries.

On the other hand the EU bloc in Luxembourg has released a statement reading, “The EU calls on all sides to agree and honor a ceasefire immediately in order to stabilize the security situation, achieve a genuine de-escalation and create the necessary conditions for President Poroshenko’s peace plan to be implemented,” the EU bloc said in a statement in Luxembourg.”

Thousands of people were killed so far and thousand others wounded in Ukraine during the period of political restlessness that has been prevailing in the country for quite some time.

In a recent incident involving Moscow backed president Viktor Yanukovich in February, killed 150 Ukrainian servicemen, 49 of whom died in a rebellion fire set to a cargo plane. Included in the massacre are scores of innocent citizens.