Researchers of the Oxford University have developed a prototype for smart glasses that can help people with poor vision. Though there are prescription glasses to help people with such conditions, they still find life difficult as they don’t cure the condition.

Smart Glass for those with poor eyesight

Smart Glass for those with poor eyesight

The newly developed glasses are designed in such a way that they enhance the images of the people and objects in front of the user and project the images in a much clearer way that the wearer can see and perceive it right.

It was tested on some people with very feeble vision and most of them were able to see their guide dogs while wearing the glasses which could help them a lot and make life easier for them.

The Royal National Institute of Blind People has said that the invention could be “incredibly important” as further research can help people develop a better product that will give the blind or nearly blind a sense of independence in daily life. With such sense of freedom and independence the morale is likely to rise which in turn will help them have a sense of satisfaction in life.

Stephen Hicks of Oxford University said in a statement, “The idea is to give people with poor vision greater independence and confidence and an improved quality of life.”

The newly developed prototype is too large for wearing outdoors and hence the design needs some serious working in order to develop it into a glass looking normal. It has a specially adapted 3D camera to project the images in such a way that blind people can perceive.

The team of scientists has planned to produce an initial batch of 100 glasses and based on the feedback, the design and other elements will be tweaked before beginning regular manufacturing of the glasses.