A powerful solar storm is barreling towards earth at a speed of 2.5 million miles per hour and scientists have warned that it could affect the power grids on earth and satellites.

Solar storm aiming to hit earth

Solar storm aiming to hit earth

However, the opinion of scientists are divided in this matter as the US based scientists have said that the solar storm might just skim above the earth and it would not cause any damage. There are also other scientists who have expressed concern over the matter as they estimate that it is powerful enough to wreak havoc over the power grids of the earth.

The speed of 2.5 million miles per hours at which it is travelling is classified as medium-fast and the storm is expected to cross the earth early Friday. Director of the Space Weather Prediction Center, Boulder, Colorado, Tom Berger said that the earth is in such a situation after several years and the storm has started from the sunspots located in the middle of the sun.

He also said that the flare on the Sun usually do not hit the extreme level on their scales and the it would mostly miss the earth while only looking potentially strong by the time it reaches the earth. He said that there has been a huge explosion on the sun and as it is pointed at the direction of the earth, there could be some effect on earth. The explosion is as powerful as tens of millions of hydrogen bombs detonating at the same time.

“A coronal mass ejection (CME) associated with this event is likely, but further analysis is necessary to determine whether it will produce geomagnetic storming on Earth,” read the statement published about the explosion. This reaction will also expand the Northern Lights seen across Canada and the Northern part of the US.