With thousand being diagnosed for Parkinson’s every year, the cure doesn’t seem to be anywhere near and the patients are treated for the symptoms rather than the disease itself.

A recent study by the University of Birmingham, UK, revealed that Levadopa, the old drug used to treat Parkinson’s symptoms is still effective in helping patients have a better quality of life, compared to the modern day drugs used for it.

Study reveals Levadopa is the best drug for Parkinson’s

Study reveals Levadopa is the best drug for Parkinson’sPar

The study involved about 1,620 patients, of which 528 of them took Levadopa while 632 took Dopamine and 460 of them took a monoamine oxidase type B inhibitor called as MAOBI. Choice of the drugs were left to the doctors treating the patients and the observations were made for each patient separately.

The results revealed that those who received Levadopa were able to cope well and had a better quality of life than those who received a different drug to treat their symptoms. Very few patients who used Levadopa needed additional drugs to treat their symptoms. The study also included a seven year follow up.

Carl Clarke, a study co-ordinator said during a press event, “The PD MED trial is the largest drug trial ever performed in Parkinson’s disease.”

“It is likely to change clinical practice worldwide, with the majority of patients from now on starting therapy with levodopa.”

The questionnaires used to evaluate the effectiveness of the drugs had the regular 39 point questions which are standardly used for Parkinson’s evaluation. Those who used Levadopa scored 1.0 lesser than the their counterparts who received a different drug.

As treating patients with levadopa resulted in the development of dyskinesia eventually, other types of treatments were discovered. However, it seems that the good old Levadopa is more effective, despite the mobility related consequences which were involved as a result.