Her (Sunny Leone) birth place is Ontario, Canada, Sunny Leone experienced childhood in ideal surroundings, adoring the frosty Canadian winters and the snow that accompanied them. Building snowman & ice skating, consistent activity accumulated outside the Leone family house street from each November to March. With adoration for games, singing and moving, youthful Sunny was a quintessential entertainer, lounging in the consideration it brought her and gobbling up each expression of recognition that came towards her direction.

Name: Sunny Leone (On-screen Name)

Date Of Birth: 13th May 1981, Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

Birth Name: Karenjit Kaur Vohra

Nickname: Karen

Height: 5’ 4” (1.63 m)

Weight: 54 Kg. (approx.)

Everything changed in 1996, when her family stuffed up and moved to Southern California. It was a troublesome conformity for the minimal Canadian young lady, whose honesty and guilelessness were not exactly completely valued by her new secondary school schoolmates. Likewise, her embraced main residence did not have the change of seasons she so cherished in the Old Country.

Sunny Leone continued on, be that as it may, and in the wake of graduating in 1999, enlisted in a neighborhood junior school. After a companion advised her she ought to take a stab at displaying – a characteristic decision for a youthful delight – she found a contact who represented considerable authority in grown-up amusement and chose to try it out.

Despite the fact that at first careful about taking her out-fits off and dazzling suggestive poses for the camera, interest showed signs of improvement of her and she made a plunge full drive, rapidly getting to be a stand-out amongst the most looked for after grown-up adult models.

In 2001 Sunny Leone was named Penthouse Pet of the Month for the March issue, and various formats in different magazines soon took after, including “Cheri”, “High Society”, “Fancy”, “Leg World”, “Trickster” and “Club International”. She has likewise showed up in the Penthouse: Pets in Paradise (2001) home video, and also Ja Rule’s “Livin’ It Up” music video. So well known had she turn into that she set up her own site. Sunny might one day want to have a leading acting profession, however she is a body to stay with naked displaying for the present in past. Likewise, she is going to a lesser school in Southern California, and plans to end up an enlisted medical caretaker (nurse). She might likewise want to be a wife and mother eventually; however that will need to hold up until Mr. Right tags along!

sunny leone


  • Is of Indian family line. Her dad, a Sikh, was conceived in Tibet and brought up in the Punjab. Her mom was from a residential area in Himachal Pradesh state. Her family moved from Ontario, Canada, to Southern California in 1996.
  • Her first photo-shoot for magazine named pent-house; it made her first impression as pent-house – pet of the month organized on years 2001. Latter made an eminent impression through this successful tagged name as “Pet of the month” within Indian & South Asian models.
  • She love to append time with her pets, has a noticeable collection of pet dogs. Loves horse ridding & hanging out every now and then with friends or known individuals.

Person Quotes:

  • At this moment my entire center is in Bolly-wood and that’s it. I trust I have been given the chance of a lifetime and I plan to keep my center and vitality here till the fans need me. If not for my past I would not be who I am. I am not embarrassed about my past (P***graphy), since it has conveyed me here to India. In the event that I came here as standard me with no stimulation encounter then I would not be as prevalent as I am today with the general population. (Nov 2015)
  • When she made her Bollywood Hindi film debut in Jism 2, there were nonconformists against its release and publications were copied. In any case, the film was a super hit and made Sunny a promising on-screen character in the Bollywood industry.

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