A reported encrypted message from a stricken Russian submarine to its headquarters in the Baltic Sea has led Swedish forces to launch their biggest search in decades. It is also said that an underwater object was sighted in the waters away from Stockholm.

Sweden hunts for Russian submarine

Sweden hunts for Russian submarine

Although a Swedish newspaper has published the news that the submarine sent a message, it is denied by Moscow that it has not sent any submarine into the waters of Sweden. Further, Russia noted that all of its submarines and ships are regularly fulfilling their patrol work and there has not been any accidents so far reported.

When looked back, Russia has lied about the Kursk disaster in 2000 when a Soviet-era submarine burst killing almost 118 people in its crew. As Russia has a habit of denying such accidents, it is difficult for the West to believe in anything Russia says about such matters. During the 2000 tragedy, the country admitted that there was such an incident only after several weeks even though the earthquake monitoring equipment recorded the blast.

Swedish armed forces spotted an unidentified foreign vessel in waters 50 kilometers east of Stockholm and also twice on Friday morning. The following day, another Swedish newspaper reported that the armed forces have picked up a signal, a distress call probably from the submarine that’s affected. Launching a search for the vessel on Sunday, the naval forces of Sweden widened its search.

To this, Russia said it might be a Dutch submarine. However, the indictment was seemingly dismissed after Netherlands said that one of its diesel-electric submarine Bruinvis was taking its regular exercise near Stockholm but reached Estonia before the first sightings of the reported vessel was made.

It has led the world to think that Russia has gone back to its old method of sending submarines to spy other nations and entering into a cold war with them.