Few days back we had shared an article on The Kapil Sharma Show letting you know how the show is completely misanthropic with jokes that in a way affront the fairer sex. No big surprise, when Kapil Sharma is in any appears, it has jokes that are doltish as well as useless that basically target ladies and ridicule them.

Still, he is hit amongst the masses and a considerable measure numerous individuals adore his appear. No simply the aam aadmi even the khaas like the VIPs and Film identity have been showering a considerable measure of adoration on him.

The kapil sharma show

No big surprise, this is one reason why Shah Rukh Khan was seen on the very day scene of the The Kapil Sharma show appear and we are certain the majority of the A-listers will be seen going ahead the show over and over to advance their film. In any case, that doesn’t keep the show far from the discussion particularly since the idea of the show is entirely extremism.

Yes, civility the jokes and the depiction of the lady in his appear, The Kapil Sharma show has at the end of the day keep running into contention. While Kapil has held the vast majority of his accomplices in wrongdoing from Comedy Nights with Kapil, there are a couple of increments in appearance.

One such expansion is Rochelle Maria Rao, the dazzling medical caretaker who everybody begins to look all starry eyed at. This part in the event that you recollect was before said to be played by Shilpa Shinde of Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hain until she was encompassed by discussion and banned by CINTAA.

The Nursing Staff is Angry and Agitated

In the show we see Rochelle acting exotically furthermore acts very cumbersome. All things considered, this has not run down with the nursing staff from different therapeutic universities and doctor’s facilities in Punjab. They even arranged a dissent at Guru Nanak Dev Hospital in Amritsar and later on recorded an objection against the comic Kapil Sharma. They even pummeled Navjot Singh Sidhu, who was BJP’s Lok Sabha MP from Amritsar prior.

Raj Bedi, the state general secretary of Punjab Nursing Association told a main every day,

“In what capacity can Sidhu be a part of a show like this that disparages somebody’s calling? He continues chuckling at jokes made about the restorative calling, including those on specialists, not withstanding when his significant other Navjot Kaur Sidhu (Amritsar-East MLA) is a specialist! We as a group expected that Sidhu would not bolster this rubbish and such foul jokes. Medical caretakers have been typified on the show since its starting.”

The medical attendants recorded a grumbling against Kapil Sharma and the police have guaranteed them due activity.

The Kapil Sharma Show :

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A nursing understudy likewise told the day by day,

“This is annoying; no medical attendant acts like this, all things considered. We are a piece of a noble calling.” Another additional, “The sort of relationship that has been delineated between a specialist and a medical caretaker on the show is harsh. Our people group is the sort of uniform worn by the performer Rochelle Rao, who plays a medical attendant.” Another nursing staff part specified, “Doing parody is one thing, however belittling somebody’s calling is very another.”

It would appear that this is only the starting!