To reduce weight or slim down follow some diet foods.

1. Morning:Start your morning with some fresh juice and heavily breakfast with high protein.  Like, eggs, banana, beef sausage,  serial with milk etc. Eat apple a day keep away form you doctor. And very good source of vitamin A.

Tips to Reduce the fat or weight of your body

Tips to Reduce the fat or weight of your body

2. Afternoon: You can eat regular food like vegetable, roti, kari, salad, beans etc in your lunch. Avoid high corollaries food like butter, oily food etc. Beans are very good source of protein and fiber. It is also slow to digest it. It make you full. it some lite food than breakfast you have done in morning.

Chocolate lover can also eat dark chocolate.  But remember you should not eat more than two pieces of chocolate.

You can also eat nuts any time in running day. You can eat 25g of all mix dray fruits. Like almond, cashew, walnut, pecans etc. Nuts are a great source of fiber and many more vitamins.

3. Evening: Its better to complete your dinner before 7:oopm. You can eat soup, boil vegetables etc.  Your dinner should be very litter.

Eat fruits as much as possible. Like, orange, apple, balck berry, strawberry, avocado etc. Will help you in reducing weight and keep healthy.

Try to avoid high calories food.