Although it has not been proved until now, there is fear of aliens among people and from time to time Unidentified Flying Objects or UFOs are spotted which increase the fear. Although these objects have not landed or been available for research on earth, it is generally believed that there might be creatures living on other planets who travel on UFOs.

UFO at Portsmouth heightens fear of aliens

UFO at Portsmouth heightens fear of aliens

The latest UFO was spotted in Portsmouth, England and it was a fast moving, disc-shaped object found speeding through the skies near the area. The news of the UFO has baffled citizens and there is widespread concern of aliens and public safety.

Observers spotted the object along the south coast of England and people took to Twitter to tweet their opinions and concerns about it. Although it has raised an alarm, Meteorological experts have said that it could be just a cloud and not necessarily an UFO.

Johhny Blackwell, a Southsea resident and one of the observers said, “I don’t believe in UFOs, but when I saw this I didn’t know what it was. It didn’t look like a cloud, and it was moving very fast. It was a grey, disc-like shape, which I know sounds like a stereotypical UFO, but that’s what it looked like.”

He also said that he doesn’t know much about military aircraft and the speed at which it moved made him believe that it could not be one of the aircrafts of the military and that it was very odd to see the object. Blackwell said he observed the object at about 7 PM.

There were also other observers who narrated the incident. Another anonymous observer said that he first thought it was an airplane but it was moving quickly and he managed to take a picture of it. He also said that he believed in UFOs and was wondering if anyone was there on the UFO.