With the ISIS showing a lot of resilience, the UK is under more threat of attack by extremists. It is said that almost 500 Britons have moved to Syria and are caught up there with more than 200 people arrested this year so far for terrorism.

UK under threat of attack by extremists

UK under threat of attack by extremists

The country’s counter-terrorism officer said that several murder plots to kill people on streets were backed by or inspired by terrorism overseas and these plans have been disrupted with the help of police in order to prevent extremists from attacking civilians. He also said that such plots have been in the highest level in this year.

Mark Rowley, Assistant Commissioner of Scotland Yard said that the counter terrorism network of Britain is battling the increase of radicalization through the internet and it also fears that young people in Britain by using materials such as depictions of torture, murder, suicides, beheadings, etc. On an average, about 50 people are referred to deradicalisation programmes in Britain.

Such activities have been on the rise since the 2005 attack on London’s transport system and the threat level for such attacks has increased since then. The Head of specialist operations of the Scotland Yard, Rowley, has released a statement about the scale of threat that Britain faces as a result of Islamist extremism in Syria and Iraq, the countries where the ISIS has become prominent and taunts the West with brutal videos and pictures of attacks and beheadings on social media.

Rowley said, “The volume, range and pace of counter-terrorism activity has undergone a step-change.” His statement also revealed that 16 people were charged after they returned from Syria and there have been about 218 arrests this year after terrorism investigations. At least 66 people have been reported to be missing and their families are worried that they may have travelled to Syria.