After showing severe resilience, Ukraine has begun axing its banking services to those areas in the country under the control of pro-Russian rebels.

Ukraine banks stop service in pro-Russian regions

Ukraine banks stop service in pro-Russian regions

It is seen as a sign that Kiev is gradually giving up on its efforts to control the rebels. The region has been having problems with using cash for several months however, the decision of the country to stop services completely in the areas means that people will not be able to use even credit cards.

Donetsk People’s Republic said in a statement, “What this means in reality is the confiscation of the pensions and benefits of our veterans, pensioners, disabled people and mothers. It is an attempt to end civilised life in the Donbass region.”

“We think there are no legal reasons not to pay money from the budget to people based in the Donetsk and Luhansk people’s republics. People living on our territories have the same rights as other citizens of Ukraine.”

Journalists in the area have reported about long queues waiting outside banks in Donetsk trying to withdraw the money in their accounts. A large number of businesses have said that their credit-card machines are not working and the central bank of Ukraine ordered the other banks to stop operations completely in the eastern areas of the country.

The city of Donetsk is expected to have a harsh winter this year as the people who remain in the city are not sure whether the supplies like food and energy will be able to be bought. Although the separatists want to claim freedom from Ukraine, they are at a dilemma as Russia has not shown much interest in taking over the east of Ukraine into its fold. This has put rebels into a confusion as to where to get the cash required for paying out pensions and other expenses of the region.