Ukraine’s troops have reported that they might have gained foothold against one of the remaining separatist groups of Moscow.

President Petro Poroshenko said that the government troops have attacked a pro-Moscow rebel area and the soldiers are camped at the strategic airport in Luhansk. The industrial hub which accommodates almost 425,000 people is the capital of one of the rebel groups.

Ukraine gains foothold

Ukraine gains foothold

The defence ministry of the country said that it has delivered five air strikes to the area targeting the separatist position which is close to Luhansk. However, they are not sure if it had any effect and the ministry has also said that it has stocked missiles in the outskirts of the area for any emergency use.

The attacks carried out in the past 24 hours have killed 3 and wounded 14 people and the civilian destruction in the weekend alone was about 550 making the condition pretty bad in the area.

When considering Kiev, the people are starting to have a little hope again as the few recent successes might make the rebels recede and make peace with the government.

However, a statement from Russia reads, “Our patience is not limitless” and that Russia “knows exactly where they [Ukrainians] are firing from”.

Russia has been having an upper arm over Ukraine ever since the war started and now this is the first incident when it seems like Ukraine has started leading for the first time. Kiev has denied that its forces attacked the separatists.

Several of European leaders joined Russian President Vladimir Putin to advise Ukraine to stop rebelling; however, he ignored the advice and started the first violence in February.

When he was elected as President in May and had a formal meeting with Putin, people were hoping for the countries to make peace with each other but it only fanned the flames and led to even more destruction on both sides.