The Malaysian Airlines plane crash is still the talk of the town, however, there has been no conclusion arrived at yet as to who or what was responsible for the crash. Ukraine is accusing pro-Russian rebels for the crash while Russia blames it on Ukraine.

Ukraine and Russia accuse each other for Malaysian Airlines plane crash

Ukraine and Russia accuse each other for Malaysian Airlines plane crash

Ukrainian government said that the Russian rebels also stopped international representatives and Malaysian experts from entering the crash site to evaluate and anlayse the incident.

While it is generally believed that an air missile attack should have brought down the plane from a height of 10,000 miles, Russia says that it was Ukraine’s move to crash Putin’s jet but they got the wrong plane. There are also some who believe that the jet might have been tailed by Ukrainian jets before it was hit.

Ukraine also says that the Russian rebels are transporting the remains of the crash to Russia. However, the West has expressed its strong doubt that it must be Russians who caused the crash. The territory where the crash occurred is a rebel-held are in Ukraine and it leads to this perception.

Malaysian Transport Minister Liow Tiong-lai said that not giving the experts access to the site is inhumane. There are also concerns that the site may be tampered if not taken the right measures to seal it. Ukraine added that the rebels have taken about 38 bodies to a morgue in Donetsk which they have dominion over.

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said, “Quite possibly there are attempts in place to sanitise the site. The site needs to be secure. The investigation needs to take place. And frankly anyone who tries to obstruct this is no friend of justice, is no friend of peace.”

In response the US’s accusation, Russia has fired back saying that the US is trying to wage an information war against Russia.

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