After a war of six months to protect its land, thousands of deaths, tens of thousands of others trapped in the country, Ukraine is striving to protect its country from Russian rebels and the verbally agreed truce seems to be of little avail.

Ukraine Truce is said to be fragile

Ukraine Truce is said to be fragile

Although there have been various truce agreements between Ukrainian and Russian forces, they are not kept causing several deaths almost every day. While Russia is trying to claim Luhansk, it doesn’t seem to withdraw its forces or attacks on Ukraine unless it receives the claimed territory.

The Ukrainian parliament has given a special status to the Luhansk and Donbas areas and is taking them under its own administration. Local elections are expected to help the forces have a peaceful split without rebellion as it has been for the past six months. If the change does not happen immediately, there are high chances of Russia getting an upper hand as the gas supply for the winter comes from Russia and the European nations will suffer if Russia refuses to supply gas.

On the other hand, ethnic Russians have garnered 23 percent of the votes making them the single biggest party in Latvia. However, they have not gained enough votes to enter government. The 280,000 Russian speakers in the country are not authentic citizens making the Harmony party smaller than necessary. They are non-citizens with special passports to travel into the country but without voting rights.

The US’s decision to send the Iron Horse tank brigade to the Baltic front is said to provoke the Russian forces more and the military is expected to cross borders further and display violence. The sanctions of the European Union is gradually taking effect in the country and the shadow of it is becoming more visible in the country. Russian currency ruble is also losing its value following the sanction.