In a crossfire between Ukraine and pro-Russian rebels, several civilians were shot dead for which Ukraine has accused the rebels.

A convoy of vehicles carrying Ukrainian refugees entered Kiev which was shelled and rocketed by pro-Russian rebels, according to Ukraine. However, the rebels deny the accusations and said that they did not shoot any of the buses or the occupants. Ukrainian officials said dozens of civilians including women and children were killed in the incident without a particular death toll.

Unrest continues in Ukraine as refugees shot dead

Unrest continues in Ukraine as refugees shot dead

“They tried to get away from the fighting and instead became victims of it,” said Ukraine’s state department spokeswoman Marie Harf. To this, a Russian spokesman has replied that the accusation is part of the Kiev propaganda. The four months of war between Russia and Ukraine has killed more than 2,000 people. The UN calls it as the most intense confrontation between the west and Russia after the cold war.

Although European diplomats wanted to engage in talks involving a ceasefire on both sides, Ukraine seems to want to express its fury by taking it to the battleground every time and wants to prove equally strong as Russia.

More Ukrainian refugees are shot down and Ukraine is not in the idea of giving up and wants to gain an upper hand over the pro-Russian rebels. The UN has reported that almost 117,000 people have been displaced inside the country and another 168,000 Ukrainians have entered Russia seeking refuge.

While Ukraine is trying with all its force to bring the rebels under control, some of the refugees in rebel-held cities said that they began supporting separatists and even look to Putin to send help. They also said that the separatists defended them and so they are supporting the rebels. A Jewish Children’s center took in people of Jewish origin and protected them from the shelling.