Ice cream is a delicacy that has a special place among desserts in almost all cuisines. Recent research shows that US consumers are motivated by the indulgence in ice cream to consume more ice cream rather than anything else.

US ice cream consumers value indulgence over anything else

US ice cream consumers value indulgence over anything else

They view a good indulgence in ice cream as a treat in their busy lives and hence go for creamier, tastier flavors rather than ones which are low in calories or low priced. Hence, ice cream makers in the US are in a position to produce novel flavors to satisfy their need of indulgence as it helps them in escapism.

US consumers, take the opportunity to get out of their busy schedule temporarily and hence want to enjoy the experience which leads them to choose brands which are creamier. It was found that more than 47 percent of US consumers are motivated by the indulging experience rather than anything else when it comes to the consumption of ice cream.

This strong need for indulgence has led them to go for varieties such as packed cones, ice cream sandwiches, etc which give a different experience rather than regular ice cream which comes packed in cups and tubs. Consumers also look for the sweetest ice creams and ignore the fact that they are laden with calories because all they want is to treat themselves to a nice ice cream indulgence.

Ice cream textures also matter to them as it improves the taste and experience which is why different nutty flavors have more fans than regular flavors. To meet this demand, Walls introduced a new variety in which vanilla ice cream with Marc De Champagne sauce cased in silver chocolate which is seen as a luxury indulgence by the US consumers.

Joanne Hardman, analyst at Canadean said in a statement, “Manufacturers should extend their portfolios to offer premium products to meet the demand for luxury indulgence, combining sweet and savoury flavours.”