Following the announcement of the resignation of the US Attorney General, Eric Holder, Obama government has hinted that the name could be finalised this fall. President Barack Obama announced on Thursday that the current AG is resigning from his post and will remain until a successor is found.

The US is in the quest of a new Attorney General

The US is in the quest of a new Attorney General

He also said that Holder has shown deep fidelity to the ideals of justice and the laws governing the country. “He believes as I do that justice is not just an abstract theory. It’s a living a breathing principle.” He also said that Holder calls his term as attorney general is the greatest honor of his professional life.

Although the White House officials do not give information about when a successor will be announced, press secretary Josh Earnest said that there is precedent for confirming nominees and that the Senate might do it in what’s called the lame-duck season. During the season, the new lawmakers are sworn in after being elected during the midterm elections.

Iowa Sen said, “Rather than rush a nominee through the Senate in a lame-duck session, I hope the president will now take his time to nominate a qualified individual who can start fresh relationships with Congress so that we can solve the problems facing our country.” The hearings on the nominee will be held by the top Republican on the Judiciary, Chuck Grassley.

Earnest also recalled that former President George W. Bush confirmed Gates as his secretary in less than a month so he said that the Presidents have a precedent to nominate the next AG within a specified time regardless of their need to be sworn in during the lame-duck season or not.

However, the senate must return for the next session which is scheduled for Nov 12, in order to nominate a new AG.